Acute and chronic sinus infection can respond quite quickly to natural therapeutics. Some therapies can provide almost instant relief.

Acupuncture is one of the quickest ways to relieve a sinus infection. Patients will quite often experience relief of congestion within a couple of minutes into the acupuncture treatment. They will experience drainage and improved breathing through the nose sometimes immediately. It works so quick that it can be used in the dental office for oral procedures to open up congested sinuses to make the dental treatment easier.

Hydrotherapy can also give almost immediate relief to sinus congestion. Applying alternating hot and cold washcloths, hot for three minutes, cold for 30 seconds, rotating three times, patients will feel drainage and relief before the therapy is done. Hot dilates the vessels, bringing in immune components to help fight the infection, while cold constricts the vessels, pushing out inflammation and infection. By alternating hot and cold for three rotations, a mechanical pumping action is created that flushes the sinuses immediately.

Herbs can also be used to help relieve sinus congestion. Nettles is our number one herb for relief of allergy symptoms and can help decrease sinus congestion. Some pungent and aromatic herbs such as horseradish and cayenne open the nasal passages and can help heal sinus infections.

Homeopathy may also provide relief for sinus congestion. The homeopathic remedy Kali bichromium is one of the top remedies for sinus infection, particularly with a thick, sticky and stringy discharge. Homeopathic Allium cepa can be used for colds and allergies with sinus drainage that can include itchy and watery eyes.

Dietary changes can also provide relief to both acute and chronic sinusitis. It is best to avoid the phlegm producing foods such as dairy and sugar. With my patients, I use a probiotic that has been shown to reinoculate the sinus cavity with healthy probiotics and improve sinus health.

Self-massage and breathing exercises can assist with sinus relief. Take your two middle fingers and massage in a circular motion an acupoint between the eyes and above the eyebrows. Inhale and slide the massaging fingers down to a point outside of the nostrils, then exhale and slide them back up to the point between the brows. Repeat this three times.

Nasal lavage using the neti pot has brought relief to many people. Using a neti pot with a saline solution flushes and cleanses the sinuses for long-term sinus health.

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