Naturopathic, Chinese Medicine, & Homeopathy Service and Fee Schedule

Naturopathic Initial Consultation$300
Child New Patient Initial Consultation$200
Naturopathic Follow-up Visit$120<30 minutes
Acupuncture-Only Initial Consultation$150
Acupuncture Follow-up Visit$90<20 minutes with acupuncture
Follow-up Visit: Extended$150>30 minutes
Constitutional Hydrotherapy$75Application of naturopathic hydrotherapeutic techniques for chronic disease
Naprapathic Manual Therapy$90Gentle connective tissue therapy for neurostructural integration, fascial release, and neurolymphatic therapy
Bowen Therapy$90Australian gentle naprapathic manual technique
Neurolymphatic Therapy$90Gentle technique for restoring balance to nervous system and moving the lymphatic system for detoxification
Somatic Education Session$90Movement therapy combining Somatic Education and Positional Release Therapy
Shiatsu Therapy$90Gentle Japanese bodywork technique
Naprapathic Manual Therapy (Tuina)$90Naprapathic Manual Therapy (Tuina)
Naprapathic exercise therapeutics (Qigong Therapy)$150Advanced Chinese exercise therapeutics
Matrix Regeneration (Baguan Fire Cupping)$90German/Chinese biological medicine therapy for detoxification and rejuvenation (Add-on $30)
Augmented Soft Tissue Mobilization (Guasha)$90Instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization (Add-on $30)
Moxibustion/Thermotherapy (Zhenjiu)$90Acupuncture adjunctive therapy applying heat to acupoints (Add-on $30)
Dr. Moore Phone Consult$150<½ hour
Dr. Moore Phone Consult$90<15 minutes
Dr. Moore Very Short Phone or Email Consult requiring research or advice$25
Acupuncture PackageBuy ten visits, one free
Detoxification ProgramBuy ten visits, one free
Weight Loss ProgramBuy ten visits, one free
Smoking Cessation ProgramBuy ten visits, one free

Ayurveda Fee Schedule

Initial Consultation$300
Sudation (Tapa sweda)$90constitutional hydrotherapy/fomentation
Neurolymphatic Therapy$90Abhyanga marmatherapy massage
Neuro-emotional Release Therapy$90Shirodhara
Hydrobotanical Therapy$90Pinda sweda herbal bolus,salt glow
Botanical paste marmatherapy$90
Pedikarma and Augmented Soft Tissue Mobilization$90KansaWand
Nasal Detoxification$90Nasyatherapy, nasyaoleation, neti, marmapuncture, pranayama
Marmapuncture$90Ayurvedic micropuncture, Suchikarma, Raktamoksh, Bhedan
Ayurvedic Facial Rejuvenation$90
Phyto-oleation(Basti)$90Heart, lumbar, knee, etc.
Rejuvenation Therapy (Rasayana; post pancha karma biopurification)$90herbs, marmapuncture, akashic balancing, pranayama, chyvavaprash
Myofascial Exercise Therapeutics$90Yoga and paranayama
Aromatherapeutics Consultation$90Attars
Panchakarma 3 days$1,300
Panchakarma 1 week$2,000
Panchakarma 2 weeks$3,000

Biopurification (Panchakarma) or Rejuvenation/Restoration Therapy (Rasayana) Packages

1 day$5003 hours
2 days$900
3 days$1,300
1 week$2,000
2 weeks$3,000

Environmental Medicine Consulting and Natural Resources Management

Botanical Resources Inventory$300+Conduct botanical species inventory of your property. Identification of medicinal plants, wild foods, and threatened and endangered species for homes, farms, woodlots, and corporations for health and environmental impact. All inventories conducted by Dr. Moore or Botanical Resources Management Consultants. Fees begin at $300 for small lots and larger lots are given an estimate.
Medical Hydrology Consulting$300+Conduct hydrological assessment of your water and mineral springs resources. Home assessments and corporate assessments. Fees begin at $300.
Healthy Home and Healthy Building Consultation, Assessment, and Bioremediation$1500+Conduct environmental assessment of your home, workplace, or corporation for environmental stress, sick building syndrome, electromagnetic stress, and geopathic stress. Includes water quality, air quality, soil quality, and industrial hygiene. Conduct bioremediation, phytoremediation, georemedication, mycoremediation, and ecological design. Fees begin at $1500.


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