Many patients seek help with kidney care, particularly with decreased kidney function manifesting with poor laboratory values. Although very recent research shows that the kidneys can regenerate, we have known for centuries in the vitalistic medical traditions that the kidneys can be detoxified and rejuvenated.

The kidneys are in charge of water regulation and blood cleansing in the body. Chinese medicine considers the kidneys to be very important in maintaining health, and say that life enters through the kidneys and exits through the kidneys. The Chinese kidney organ network system includes the kidneys, bladder, bones, hormones, the reproductive system, the ears, the low back and knees, and the aging process in general. Improvement of the kidneys may help all of these areas.

The kidneys respond well to naturopathic medicine, Chinese medicine, homeopathy, dietary and nutritional therapy, and Ayurvedic medicine.

Constitutional homeopathy can help in the cleansing of the kidneys and both conventional and special dietary therapies can be used to help maintain and improve kidney function.

Kidney glandular extracts can be very helpful in improving kidney function. Just as we use thyroid glandular extracts for improving the thyroid function, kidney glandular extracts can be helpful in improving and maintaining kidney health.

Hydrotherapy, particularly naturopathic constitutional hydrotherapy and the application of fomentations in Ayurvedic pancha karma, can be very helpful for improving the function of the kidneys. Toxins are removed from the body, cleansing the blood, which takes a burden off of the kidneys and allows them to function better, including normalizing some laboratory values.

Dry Skin brushing has been used classically for the health of the kidneys, skin, lymphatic system, and for detoxification. A soft, natural hair skin brush or loofah is used, usually before showering or bathing. A gentle, circular motion with the brush is applied up the limbs towards the heart for two to three minutes. This exfoliates the old, dead, dry skin, improves circulation, and moves the lymphatic system. The classical doctors considered the skin the peripheral heart and the third kidney because stimulation of the capillaries improved circulation and the skin excretes similar toxins that the kidneys excrete.

The kidneys are very important in classical Chinese medicine, and various methods are used to tonify or improve the function of the kidneys. Specific acupoints on meridians are used to stimulate and improve the function of the kidneys. Stimulation of these points have been shown to improve kidney function values. A number of Chinese herbal formulas are used to improve the function of the kidneys, but these are matched individually to the patient for best results. Qigong exercise therapeutics and breathing exercises are used to improve kidney function and strengthen and tonify the kidney organ network system.

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