The health of our living and work space can affect our own health — physically, mentally, emotionally, and socially. Tidiness and cleanliness can profoundly affect our health.

  1. Lose Weight: Just as our bodies can detoxify, so can we detoxify our living spaces. When we detoxify our house, it has an effect on our bodies also. Tidying can help one to lose weight and move our lymphatic system, by the increased exercise from maintaining tidiness. Improving your living space by organizing your home, reducing clutter and tidying can improve our health and our bodies, giving us a trimmer look and better skin.
  2. Improve Indoor Air Quality: When we put our house in order, the indoor air quality becomes fresher and cleaner. By reducing clutter in our homes, dust, mold and mildew are also significantly reduced, leading to improved air quality, better breathing, and fewer allergies and lung disorders.
  3. Stress Less: Putting the house in order, tidying and reducing clutter can also lead to contentment, sometimes reducing anxiety, stress and depression. By eliminating excess clutter and baggage in our homes, we have fewer choices to clutter our minds, from clothes to books to cosmetics. Stress is associated with a host of diseases. Those who live in neat surroundings are calmer and less stressed than those who don’t.
  4. Increase Safety: Research has shown that tidiness and cleanliness decrease accidents and improve infection control in both the home and the workplace. Keeping the home and workplace clean and tidy helps prevent falls, slips, trips and injuries from falling items and can prevent fires. Cleanliness and tidiness are a priority for infection control for hospitals, health care offices and food service to prevent infectious organisms from spreading quickly and preventing foodborne illnesses.
  5. Improve Relationships: Tidiness has been shown to improve optimism. Psychologically and socially, tidiness and cleanliness are import for emotional health and self-esteem. Tidiness and cleanliness can also improve our relationships with others, even creating calmer relationships.
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