Functional Medicine developed in Europe in the decades following World War II, particularly in Germany and France. It combined conventional diagnostics with naturopathic therapies and distinctly European Medicine and continues through this day known as European Biological Medicine, Functional Medicine, Auricular Medicine, Bioregulatory Medicine, and Biotherapeutic Drainage. Functional Medicine as I was taught includes German Biological Acupuncture, French Auriculotherapy and Auricular Medicine, homeopathy, homeotoxicology, spagyric medicine, gemmotherapy, oligotherapy, nutritional medicine, lymphatic drainage, spa medicine, and photobiomodulation, including chromotherapy and laser therapy. 

Both the German and the French approaches to acupuncture were completely different. German acupuncture focused on whole body treatment with diagnostic methods such as Electroacupuncture according to Voll, whereas the French method beginning in the early 1950’s began with Ear Acupuncture according to Nogier and expanded to auricular medicine including a unique pulse diagnosis and the use of Nogier Frequencies in electrotherapy and light therapy (both laser and chromotherapy). These acupuncture systems can be used in acute and chronic disease and pain. 

Gemmotherapy is a distinctly European Botanical Medicine system that utilizes plant extracts of tree and shrub buds and shoots. These embryonic plant parts contain auxins, gibberellins, cytokinins, and other plant constituents that are plant growth hormones, phytohormones, stem cells, and other constituents that are not present in other parts of the plant. Gemmotherapy is a medical system that it used by itself, with conventional medicine, or with homeopathic therapeutics. These plant substances are both detoxifying and rejuvenating, gently purifying tissues or organ systems and restoring optimal function to the body. 

Gemmotherapy has a number of benefits that can help in multiple conditions and illnesses. Gemmotherapy can detoxify and the cellular level and can chemically purify and cleanse cells and stimulate the extracellular matrix. This modifies drainage at an organ level (liver, kidney, lungs, skin, etc.) by stimulating the excretion of toxins through the blood and lymph and remove or carry waste from the body. The rejuvenating constituents in gemmotherapy remedies regenerate dying cells, balance electrolytes, improve electrical potential, and oxygenate cells. They also stimulate cellular growth with active gibberellins and auxins, plant growth hormones and stem cells. Due to the harvesting and preparation of gemmotherapy remedies, a full range of vitamins, antioxidants, minerals, trace minerals, amino acids, phytohormones, and enzymes are bioavailable and reduce the need for other nutritional supplements. Gemmotherapy also rejuvenates and restores cells, tissues, skin tissue, and organs by stimulating blood and lymph functions and movement and delivering antioxidants and other nutrients into organ systems, therefore improving function. 

Spagyric medicine is a botanical medicine system that was developed by Paracelsus and existed before homeopathy, being an inspiration to the founder of homeopathic medicine. Spagyric means to take apart and to put back together. Spagyric remedies are plant extracts that are produced with alchemical processes that extract the plant constituents through a tincturing process, extract the essential oils, and extract the minerals in the plant through a calcination process. These are then all combined and preserved as a tincture for therapeutic use, particularly for organ system and overall health improvement. 

Homeotoxicology is the application of homeopathic remedies to assist both detoxification and restoration. Single remedy homeopathics are sometimes chosen for their ability to stimulate organ detoxification or drainage. This allows toxins to be gently dispersed through the organs of elimination, including the lungs, liver, large intestine, kidneys, and skin. Both classical and complex homeopathy can be applied in German Functional Medicine. 

The combination of these therapies is functional medicine or bioregulatory medicine, gently detoxifying and healing diseased tissue and restoring health to the body. These are safe therapies that can be used alone or combined with other therapies that can help one achieve optimal health and restored resiliency. 


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