Labyrinth at the Clifton Springs Hospital

There are some great articles available that have been published elsewhere that I’d like to share with you. Please click the links below to be taken to other websites for those articles.

The first article is from this month’s issue of LNE & Spa Magazine. The article is titled, “History of Healing: The Springs Integrative Medicine & Spa Center Clifton Springs, NY” and it is by Krista Ingerick and Les Moore, N.D., M.S.O.M.  The article covers the historical roots of alternative healing in Clifton Springs as well as information on the healing and therapies available at The Springs today. Please read this article by clicking the link below.

Read the “History of Healing” article…

The second is an older article from Alternative & Complimentary Therapies but it is very informative and current. It is titled “Clifton Springs Hospital: Historic Healing Waters and Modern Integrative Medicine” and this article is by Russ Mason, M.S. This article also covers the history of alternative healing traditions in Clifton Springs and the healing therapies available there today. Read this article by clicking the link below.

Read the “Historic Healing Waters” article…

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